CPD Online

What is CPD Online?

South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE)
, has launched this programme for engineers who need to meet their professional development commitment by securing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits. In terms of the renewal of registration requirements, all professional electrical engineers must earn five CPD credits a year. Failure to certify CPD credits could jeopardise renewal of their registration.

wattnow publishes articles in each issue that qualify readers for Category One CPD credits, which require engineers to respond to in-depth questions posed on articles that are specially designed and validated to provide CPD credits. Engineers using the system will accumulate 0.1 credits per test if all the questions are answered correctly. Eleven such articles are published annually so at least one CPD credit can be obtained by this method. The articles in the wattnow magazine are independently validated by the SAIEE, which determines the exact value of each credit applicable to each issue of the magazine.

The initiative means that engineers throughout South Africa and abroad will be able to improve their own professional development by gaining access to many more lectures than they would normally attend and being able to review all the published material in their own time and at their own pace. The advantage of the wattnow CPD Programme is that engineers have a choice of topics relating to their own professional development.

As an added service to members, wattnow provides a complete and comprehensive administration system for those credits gained by each member. This administration service runs independently of the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) service and means that should there be any queries about a member or his/her CPD status, the SAIEE is able to provide detailed records of every CPD event that a member has participated in during the year.

Upon completion of a full years worth of CPD Online tests, the SAIEE will issue each successful member with an official certificate recording the exact number of credits gained by that individual in any given year.

What does CPD Online cost?

The wattnow CPD Programme is based on an annual subscription service which runs from January to December for each year. Applicants can still subscribe to the CPD Online program at any time during the year, but their profiles will still expire on the last day of December each year. Costs for this service are:
  • FREE for SAIEE Members
  • R2,650.00 (excl VAT) for non-Members
In order to apply for the SAIEE CPD Online program as an SAIEE MEMBER, your Membership fees must be paid in full and any outstanding payments to the SAIEE must be up to date. Members who have not paid their Membership Fees in full will still be able to create an account for CPD Online, but it will not be activated until payments are made.

Note that once a non-Member has made their payment, the amount is non-refundable!

(Please note: in the event that an individual has paid for a 1-year subscription to the CPD Online programme, but does not submit any tests or answers, there will not be a refund. It is up to you as an applicant to make sure your answers are submitted)

What is included in my CPD Online account?

The administration fees include:

  • Complete administration of all CPD material completed by each member. Members of the programme will be able to log-in to the secure the CPD Online server at any time to check their own CPD status as well as examine their own individual records.
  • SAIEE CPD Online will, on behalf of members, keep a detailed record of individual submissions by each member from the time that they join the programme.
  • CPD Online records will provide an accurate audit trail to resolve any queries that members may have.
  • Members receive one copy of wattnow with all its self-study content every month via the SAIEE newsletter. Non-Members have to create an account on the SAIEE website (www.saiee.org.za) if they would like to receive this newsletter.
  • Compilation and maintenance of a secure database containing the records of each member including the individual answers submitted by the member to each CPD question posed and answered. CPD Online will keep an accurate log of all answers submitted by the member.
  • An annual certificate of CPD compliance recording the number of credits gained by each member during a given year will be issued by the SAIEE. This programme offers all members of the SAIEE CPD Programme a one-stop-shop to participate in and comply with the professional development criteria laid down by ECSA and ensure that all professional engineers can maintain their status without having to search around for sufficient credits to meet the ECSA requirements


For more information on the cost of CPD Online, how to register or general information, please contact Douglas Millar on:

(t) 011-487-3003
(e) douglas@saiee.org.za

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